Reasons Committed to Customer Service

Committed to Customer Service

Our commitment to Customer Service starts by having an implementation plan that follows your rules and processes and is designed to meet or exceed deadlines.

It continues with communicating key, important issues or concerns promptly and effectively.  The status of your project is consistently communicated with periodic Project Updates.

TAG's Customer Service commitment doesn't stop when the project is complete.  With a 15-year guarantee and 20+ years of experience as a foundation, support and service are just a call or click away.

What Our Customers Are Saying. . .
"EXTREME dedication to high quality and attention to detail.  It takes twice as long to do it wrong, and TAG always gets it right the first time, every time!"  Rick Lawson, Pro CTS

"His crew steps above and beyond the call of duty.  I wish all of my subs would be more like TAG."  Billy D., Hutton Construction

"He conducts himself and his employees with integrity, trust and will do what it takes to complete your needs on time and within budget."  Guy Calise, AMC Theaters/Ovation Cinema Grill